The General Assembly of ENC is the supreme body of the organization. It is composed of all its full members. Associated and observer members may attend but have no voting rights. Correspondent organizations may also be invited to attend. Within the General Assembly, each National Organization has one vote and may be represented by no more than two representatives. The General Assembly meets at least twice each year.

 Executive Board:

The Executive Board is the managing body of ENC; it has all the enforcement powers enabling it to achieve the objectives set by the General Assembly. It is composed of the President and five persons elected by the General Assembly. The members of the Board are elected for a term of three years. The Board is given the widest powers to carry out all acts of administration or stipulations which affect the association. Its competencies are those that are not explicitly assigned to the General Assembly. The Executive Board appoints from among its members one Vice-President, a Treasurer and a General Secretary. In the absence of the President, his duties are performed by the Vice-President


Mircea Timofte –president (poza)

Lampros Bizas Treasurer (poza)

Mario Gazic Secretary General (poza)

………………Vice President