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Founded in 2004, the ENC represents the European Council of Regulatory Bodies and Competent Authorities for the Nursing profession.

The main objective of ENC is to protect European citizens by ensuring excellence in:

  • Skills and practice of medical care
  • Professional standards
  • Education and training continue
  • Codes of conduct


The ENC seeks to obtain nursing excellence and patient safety by:

  • Defending patient rights within the European Institutions
  • Promoting excellence in the profession of nurse, both at national and European level
  • Being an information source for nurses, policy makers, consumers, educators and researchers
  • Being a network for academia and policy makers in our field
  • Being a point of reference for any interested party looking for information in the regulation of the profession of nurse in Europe
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Fields of ENC expertise and activity:

  • Developing policies at European level, with a focus on patient safety and protection within and beyond the internal market (supporting actions and political positions)
  • Active participation and positioning in relation to European legislation in the field (EC directives and regulations)
  • Promoting codes of conduct at both the national and the European level.
  • Supporting the practice of self-regulation of the profession in European countries where this area needs development (transfer of good regulatory practices)
  • Promote lifelong education and training of nurses in line with the European Lifelong Learning policies.

The ENC’s objectives are supported by the following activities:

  •  Establishing synergies and win-win relationships between members
  •  Building networks with the European Union’s administrative and policy bodies as well as national and international organizations in the social and health sector
  • Communication of information, proposals, results of studies, research, etc. Conferences, seminars and periodic meetings on ENC objectives
  • Communicating scientific information to members. Participating in or creating other entities essential to achieving the objectives of the ENC.