The Order of Nurses and Midwifes of Romania (OAMGMAMR)

The Romanian Order of Nurses and Midwives is a statutory, independent, non-governmental organization comprising 41 autonomous county subsidiaries, and more than 120 000 members. The Order is in charge with regulating the nursing and midwifery profession in Romania in close cooperation with the Ministry of Health, being responsible for mutual professional recognition according to EU legislation, the right of practice and the good standing of our members. Our organization sets the standards for the education, registration and ethics and professional conduct of nurses and midwives.

The Order maintains a register of all nurses, midwives eligible to practice within the Romania. It sets and reviews standards for their continuous training, conduct and performance. The Order also investigates allegations of impaired fitness to practice (i.e. where these standards are not met).

We are members of the International Nursing Council the largest Nursing International Federation with more than 140 members. We also have excellent cooperation with World Health Organization and with the WHO office in Romania.

  • Adress: Calea Griviței, no.77
  • Bucharest, sector 1, Romania
  • Website:
  • Telephone: 021/224.00.55
  • Email:


  • Mircea Timofte (Pdt and President of ENC)
  • Telephone: +40 21 31 03 61 8
  • Email:
  • Roxana Hainagiu
  • Email:



Croatian Nursing Council (CNC)

Hrvatska komora medicinskih sestara

Address Maksimirska 111/210 000 Zagreb, Croatia


Contact details: Telephone Email address

Slava Šepec (Pdt) + 385 1 2444 303

Anastazija Sorić Uranić +385 1 2444 300

Mario Gazic +385 99 31 77 883


Helenic Regulatory Board of Nurses (HRBoN)

Address 47 Vasilisis Sofias Avenue p.c. 1067610676 Athens, Greece


Contact details:

Dimitiros Skoutelis (Pdt)  Telephone: + 30 210 33 88 353  Email address:

Lampros Bizas +30 697 708 6949


Albanian Nursing Regulatory Body – UISH

Urdhrit të Infermierit të Shqipërisë

Address Rr. Reshit Petrela, tek Dispanceria, kati II-të, Tiranë, Shqipëri


Contact details:

President: Blerina Duka

Telephone: +355 042 450 845

Email:  /


Hungarian Regulatory Body of Nurses

Address 1450 Budapest, Pf.: 2141087 Budapest, Könyves Kálmán krt. 76. Hungary


Contact details:

Zoltán Balogh

Telephone: +36 1 323 2070


Papp Katalin