Our partnerships 

The European Nursing Council has ventured beyond the borders of the EU, recognizing the growing importance of international collaboration. Our collaboration with the World Health Organization reflects a shared commitment to common goals and values, aiming to fortify a globally inclusive and sustainable healthcare development program for future generations.

On the international stage, ENC is pursuing non-profit objectives, including supporting humanitarian efforts, fostering solidarity, and engaging in cooperative initiatives within the social and healthcare realms. Additionally, we are dedicated to promote the core values of European nursing professions, not only within the EU but also beyond its borders. Our belief is that the impactful strides we have made since the establishment of the Council can offer valuable insights and benefits to nursing professionals across different continents.

Embracing knowledge from diverse corners of the world has never proven counterproductive; on the contrary, it enriches our perspective. We view this international engagement as a two-way street—an opportunity not only to contribute but also to learn. By understanding nursing practices and challenges in other regions, we enhance our ability to meet the diverse needs of patients in Europe. This approach reflects our commitment to continuous improvement and a shared vision of advancing healthcare globally.

Over the past years, ENC has built a fruitful partnership with the European Council of the Liberal Professions (CEPLIS). This strategic alliance has strengthened our capacity to address the evolving landscape of healthcare and nursing professions within the European context. The collaboration with CEPLIS has facilitated the exchange of expertise and insights, allowing us to contribute effectively to the formulation of policies that impact nursing professionals and the broader healthcare sector.

Together with The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, ENC endeavors to foster interdisciplinary collaboration, creating synergies that benefit both nursing and surgical practices. By pooling our expertise, resources, and insights, we aim to develop comprehensive strategies that address the evolving needs of healthcare delivery and education in Europe.

ENC is proud to support the objectives of the Daisy Foundation.