Law 6

The European Nursing Council

The European Nursing Council has developed some of its activities outside the EU at the time when international cooperation has become more and more important. With the World Health Organization, we work on common objectives and values that we hope will lead to enforce a non-exclusive sustainable healthcare development program for the future generations. In that sense, the ENC is carrying out non-profit goals at the international scale such as the support of humanitarian, solidarity and cooperation initiatives in social and healthcare fields and the promotion of European nursing professions values not only within the EU but also abroad the Union. We believe what we achieved since the creation of our Council might also be interesting and rewarding for the nursing professions in other continents. Learning from elsewhere has never been counterproductive. For us it is a way to better understand the needs of our patients in Europe. Within this scope, the ENC has already built fruitful and closed European partnerships with the European Council of the Liberal Professions and the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland in order to promote better practices for the nursing profession within the European Union. On a larger scale, the ENC also works closely with North American organizations such as the Order des Infirmières et Infirmiers du Québec, the College of Nurses of Ontario in Canada and with the National Council of States Board of Nursing and the CGFNS International in the USA