The 22nd of April, Mr. David Sassoli, President of the European Parliament replied to the letter that the President of the European Nursing Council (ENC) had sent earlier in April to the Presidents of the European Institutions. Mr. Timofte, our President, had addressed a clear message to the institutions on the need to provide adequate protection material to all European Nurses who are fighting the pandemic on a daily basis and on the importance to support a high quality Nursing education and training in Europe, making at the same time the profession more appealing to the young in order to be able to cope with future similar pandemics.

Mr. David Sassoli, President of the European Parliament

Mr. Sassoli in his answer thanked ENC for bringing to his attention the concerns and wishes of Nursing Regulators. He expressed his gratitude for the dedication and sacrifices of Nurses across Europe. President Sassoli highlighted the Resolution adopted by the European Parliament on the 17th of April, calling for a joint European action to combat the COVID-19 pandemic including necessary resources and financial aid. The Resolution in question also calls for the increase of EU production of key healthcare-related products such as medical devices, equipment and other material.