Professors Drs Alan J. Kearns and Thomas Kearns, have presented their work on the Code of Conduct of the European Nursing Council  to the highly reputable scientific journal, Nursing Ethics

The drafting of such a Code was deemed necessary in ordert  to define the nursing profession even mote precisely and to highlight its values and principles. The Code of conduct is also necessary for guidance, regulation, discipline, protection, information, proclamation and negotiation. 

The European Nursing Council Code of Ethics is in fact a major step forward for the profession, at a time when globalisation and the multiplication of the means of communication have made it possible to familiarise the public with the the tasks of nurses and raise their visibility among the population. In that context this Code of Conduct will make it possible to regulate and unite around common values and standards. 

The Code of Conduct of ENC is structured around 13 themes, within the framework of which, statements have already been published in the past. The themes dealt with by the Code are: quality, continuous professional development centres, rights, equitable access to quality health care, compliance, integrity, relationships, information, autonomy and consent, confidentiality, conflict, delegation, insurance. However, the establishment of such a Code around these themes shows that some subjects have been dealt with and mobilised more than others, such as the quality of practice that or the importance of integrity.

One major contribution of this Code of Conduct is its integration with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. In that sence the Professors suggest: “that consideration should be given to incorporating the UN Sustainable Development Goals into future revisions of the European Nursing Council Code so that they form part of the Code. Second, that the UN Sustainable Development Goals should be more fully integrated into the European Nursing Council Code to become, as it were, one of its main pillars. ».  They argue that among the 13 themes of the ENC Code, several of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals can be found. Such a link between  can only strengthen the Nursing profession and the ENC Code can become an element for more effective implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and even become a “catalyst” for its development.

The ENC congratulates Professors Drs Alan J. Kearns and Thomas Kearns for their important research for our profession. This Code of Conduct will in fact become a benchmark for our profession. Our professionals have a vital role to play in our countries improving the quality of health care for all,  whilst  empowering citizens to receive the care they need.

The article is available here.