Press Release

Brussels 12th of May 2021 – Today the world celebrates, as every year, the International Day of Nurses. This celebration becomes even more special, since for more than a year now, nurses are fighting against the pandemic saving lives and giving hope to millions. As hospitalisations increase due to the COVID-19 pandemic, nurses are playing a crucial role in taking care of each and every patient regardless of boundaries. Like doctors and other health care workers, nurses are at the forefront of fighting the Covid-19 pandemic. More and more every year, it has become more than obvious how vital is the role played by nurses in recovery and wellbeing for people within the European Union and across the globe. This is why to protect Health, Education, and Welfare, the EU institutions and citizens must understand and keep in mind how essential Nursing regulation and Nursing studies are for our societies as a guarantee of ethics and quality for the patients.

The theme for this year’s International Nurses Day is Nurses: A Voice to Lead-A Vision for Future Healthcare. Indeed, this pandemic situation highlights the importance of the diversified role that nurses are carrying out. If the role of Nurses is so crucial and primordial for our healthcare systems and within hospitals is because they are continuously providing service to the patients, besides guaranteeing several tasks at the workplace.

In order to protect and ensure a place for nurses in this “Vision for Future Healthcare”, the European Nursing Council (ENC), through its President, Mr. Mircea Timofte, developed a common position and wrote to the Presidents of the EU Institutions highlighting the challenges Nurses in Europe are facing in the midst of the pandemic, asking for a strong message of support and for concrete measures to enable the profession to continue its work with efficiency.

Let us all address to all the Nurses our warmest thoughts today and let us have their voice heard at national and European level every day for the Future of healthcare!

International Nurses Day 2021