Dear colleagues,

Every year on the 12th of May we celebrate the International Day of the Nurses, in recognition of the fundamental contribution of nurses to saving lives and providing quality care to individuals and communities.

This day represents an amazing opportunity to recognize and celebrate the incredible work of all the nurses.

The reality of the last two years demonstrates the urgent need to invest in the resilience of our health systems and that of the medical staff and, of course, nurses. This investment translates into joint efforts, sustained commitment, extended partnership and enhanced cooperation to create stability, resilience and flexibility to deal with emerging threats and the dynamics of care.

The success of such an approach will only be possible by investing in the design and creation of the right environment and conditions, in the development of matching skills and abilities, so that our professionals are empowered to provide health services regardless of the circumstances or challenges.

In the name of the European Nursing Council, I want to thank you for your tireless efforts in these unprecedented times, for the professionalism, dedication and honor that your work has brought to our profession.

Happy International Nurses Day!

Press Statement International Nurses Day 2022